The Mission

Hello world! I'm very excited to share my mission with you all. I've been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life for the past couple years since I've graduated. I'm so thankful that God put this mission on my heart. Throughout my life I have witnessed and have contributed to some of social issues we have going on within our society. I think that we as individuals are the cause of our societies issues. I believe that we as people are often quick to pass judgment on others and treat others differently due to differences, whether it's religion, race, your sex, ethnicity, where a person is from, or the clothing they wear ect. I believe that the change we need is within ourselves because it is us as people who have been the cause and continue to cause these social issues.

We learn from our environment and our interactions with others, and it's important that we understand this because the generations to come will be and are learning from us. What kind of world do we want our love ones to be born into? We all contribute to the things going on within our society in one way or another, and it's up to us as individuals to work at changing it. I think that we should reflect on our actions as individuals and really look at what they tell us about our attitudes and beliefs regarding our interactions with others who are different from us in any way. I believe that we can do better and treat one another better as people. I want to do something to make a positive change within our society by spreading this message to individuals. My mission is to start a brand called "Equal Identity". The difference between "Equal Identity" and other brands is the meaning behind it and what we stand for. The objective is to give individuals a positive message that will encourage them to treat others with respect and dignity no matter what differences people have. I wanted to do something that would bring all people together because without everyone coming together we won't be able to make a change.


"Equal Identity" promotes the equality of everyone, and my mission is to spread the word and have this brand be a reminder to the world that we are all equal, and we should treat one another accordingly. We are all Kings and Queens and that's how we should treat one another no matter how we may be different from one another. I hope that we can make a difference one person at a time. We may not live in a perfect world, but that doesn't mean that we should just give up and accept it. We should always strive for greatness and perfection, and we can't make a change until we can all come together for the cause, so I ask for you all to please help me spread this message of love across the world for the equality of all people, and accept the challenge to become better individuals. To Him be the Glory Amen!

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